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Friday, September 23, 2011

play with your food

i've said it before - pinterest is awesome.  because without it, who knows if i would've ever come across the fabulousness of my newest toy, courtesy of an ebay seller in korea:

the pictures are pretty self-explanatory, although if anyone out there can translate this for me, i'd be most appreciative.  you know, just for fun.  i'd also love to know what it is they sprinkled on there to make the perfect hello kitty face.

knowing that i was picking up the teen from school and heading right out to run an errand that required a bit of driving, i busted it out to make both girls a sandwich.  nutella and peanut butter for the bean, goober grape for the teen. 

step 1:  spread stuff on the first piece of bread, wedge it in and top with the second piece.

next, press the mold into the top to cut the sandwich into the perfect hello kitty shape:

put the last piece on top and sprinkle...stuff into the holes to make the face.  i thought it would be fun to make it pink, and decided to use some nestle strawberry quik mix.

except that it didn't quite work out as i'd hoped.  the mix didn't stick too well to the bread, so i tried a little powdered sugar.  uh, FAIL.

on the bean's sandwich, i tried a little hot cocoa mix.  it was a little better, but still far from perfect.

but it was still fun to watch their reactions when i presented them with the little boxes containing their special sandwiches.  i love doing silly stuff like this.


  1. so cute. i wonder if it's black sesame seeds? i can ask a friend to translate.

  2. It's seaweed, the Face Is seaweed. The press is used for rice balls, and you cut the face pieces out of seaweed and stick them to the sticky rice and eat it with your bento box


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