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Friday, September 9, 2011

cookies for just 'cause. AND for a cause.

in between the hullaballoo over running, wrapping up our summer, the new school year starting (for both girls), and all sorts of other stuff, i actually have been doing quite a bit of cookie-ing.

i was asked to provide a dozen for an art history student recuperating from a car accident:

the suckiest part about this order was that it was stolen from the doorstep that UPS delivered it to.  i'm not evil or anything, but if the thief who jacked those cookies choked a little while munching on them, i might laugh.  loudly.  hmph.

pretty obvious - for an engagement party:

sweet little dresses for a baptism celebration.  i debated putting pink crosses on them, but for some reason decided against it.  i kind of regret it, so maybe next time.

these were super fun to make.  without an actual "surfboard" to use, i improvised with a candy corn cutter.  and i love how the palm trees turned out after i added the extra embellishments with thicker icing.  even the hub complimented me on these.

in my continuing quest to find ways to help my friend ricci and her family, i made these to be sold at a bake sale this weekend.  a few years ago, at the last big-ish SFAMily holiday hoorah that she attended, ricci brought makings for margaritas and posed as our "margarita fairy."  i know i have a picture of this, but i've searched high and low and can't find it.  gah!  so anyway, i made half a dozen of these:

and then half a dozen of these.

yeah, my "zebra striping" sucks balls.  i know.  i'm just not good at it.  but they look pretty good in the little bags and tied with matching ribbon, so i hope they bring in a little bit of cash.

as i made those, i decided to throw in a little practice for a couple of other friends i'm making cookies for in the coming weeks.  like, i get to make 5 dozen of these at the end of the month:

and some of these next week.

before you say it, i know - i put his eye on his tail.  oops.  and i actually don't think i'm going to use this shape, because i didn't love it. but i bought a giant pack of various cutters a couple of weeks ago that includes two other dinosaur shapes, so i think i'll just go with those.  we'll see what i end up with.

and while we're on the subject, let me run this by you.  if i can secure a spot on that autism speaks team for the tinker bell half marathon, i need to raise a minimum of $1,000...by january.  i'm toying with the idea of doing custom cookies by the dozen for $35 (including shipping), with every penny going towards my fundraising quota.  i'm also thinking of doing a stella & dot fundraiser, and 25% of those sales would also go towards funding research of the causes, treatment, prevention, and cure for autism.  of course, i'll take any other donation that comes my way too.  bah, i hate asking people for money.  but it's for a really good cause!

i have about four months to do it.  think i can pull it off?


  1. You're so talented! I love the little surfboards.

  2. All of your cookies are great. What a shame for the recouperating art student to have them stolen right off the doorstep.
    As for doing custom cookies to raise funds for your run...super idea. I'd only suggest that your rate of $35 is fair for the cookies per dozen but I would charge for the shipping. You have to account not only for your time and ingredients but so too for your mailing boxes and materials, your little cookie bags, ribbons, tissue etc., let alone the price to ship. Those that truly want your cookies and want to support your cause will gladly pay for shipping.

  3. What a pro! You've got to find a cookie-baking contest to take part in- you'll win hands-down! Will place an order in 2 weeks!

  4. As I've said before, the cookies were fab! And I loved that you made a different color scheme/design for each surfboard...I really appreciated that :).

    I want to help you get to your fundraising goal, but would Dec. be too late for an order? Older boy's 5th is that month, and he says he wants a Lego party...you up for making some Lego cookies?

    P.S. the owl cookie is adorable

  5. YES! For Autism Speaks and because I have been wanting an excuse to order more cookies from you, I will place the first order! I want a dozen owl cookies (those are too cute).

  6. I'll take an order for 1 doz cookies. I'll email you the details when you're ready to place the order.

  7. you are one talented lady! loved ALL the cookies. and BOO to whoever stole that package...i hope they choke too! :/

  8. I sent the recouperating art student a picture of the cookies and she loved them! I would definitly order some cookies from you for a good cause! Any chance you might do a special batch of say...macaroon's...I have been craving some good ones...maybe as part of a "special" fundraising auction.

  9. You're getting so good Wan! Like pro level stuff!


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