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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone shenanigans

i love iPhone dump posts.  they're fun.  you do, too, right?  i hope so, because that's what this is.

last week, after chasing the lobsta truck with the girls, we stopped off at dots for a treat.  and boy, was it!  in all the time i worked there, not once did they do their bacon cupcake - despite all of the hints i dropped.  heh.  but i lucked out this time, and picked one up for me and another for the teen.  it's a chocolate cake topped with a maple-flavored buttercream and a big, generous chunk of bacon in between.

you need one of those in your life.  thank me later.

on a different excursion, we stopped at a party city out in west l.a. to exchange the bean's halloween costume (oh, just you wait).  it happens to be perched atop marukai, which is a fabulous japanese specialty store.  after taking care o'business (during which i spotted victoria's secret model alessandra ambrosio.  she carries herself well and you can tell she's somebody, but in real life, sans make-up and personal stylist?  not really all that), i scampered in, drawn like a moth to a flame to the ginormous hello kitty display just inside the door.  i was good, though, and didn't buy any of it.  instead, i stocked up on some snacks...and a 3-pack of these, on clearance for $.99.  whee!

the ILs brought this cute little apron for the bean when they came for their last visit.  during a lull in our weekend, we busted it out and the hub set her up in the back yard with her easel, a crapload of markers, some watercolor paint, and the bubble machine.

we had a little snack.  this pop-up bowl is super fun.

the mailman brought me this fun package from cousin seven, who'd warned me that something was on its way as a belated birthday gift. 

oh, dylan mckay.  you were some deliciousness back in the day.  i had a keychain and a poster on my wall.  yes, i was way past the age of teenybopperism by then.  so what?

i'd made these for a birthday girl whose last name is "box."  sadly, the address i had for her was a couple of moves old and the package was returned to me yesterday.  bummer.

picture day at school.  do you love?

these hipster cookies are for one of my twirlie friends.  i'm stoked that they turned out so well.

on a target run, the bean begged for this halloween mac & cheese.  dinner!

oh, and mom is a sucker.

what else is new?


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