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Friday, October 7, 2011

putting the FUN in fundraising

i've been fulfilling fundraiser cookie orders left and right.  it's been lots of fun to do different designs and get creative, although it gets a little nutty when i have several orders to ship out at the same time.

case in point:  last week, when i had 3 dozen of these to send to northern california for a baby shower:

i had to freehand these based on a photo of a baby gift.  i am definitely no artist, but i got close enough.

oh, and about four dozen of these:

plus another two dozen of the same design on a stick.

these were supposed to have dora the explorer on them, but again - i can't draw for shit.  i tried and tried and tried, and finally had to give up.  i sucked it up, admitted my failure, and begged for a different design.  luckily, my friend is super flexible and understanding and left it to me to figure it out.  i decided to go with something familiar.  heh.

there were five dozen of these, modeled after a cute hat that the birthday girl was to wear at her party.

birthday cookies to ship out:

and fun hello kitty cookies.  for the first time, i got to do them with red bows instead of pink, and they looked super cute wrapped in the bags with red ribbon.  my friend liked these so much, she's already ordered 3 dozen more for later this month.

bagging them is kind of a pain in the ass, but that's okay.  they stay fresher for a longer period of time, and besides, i couldn't ship them loose!  gross.

oh, did i mention the last-minute request i had from a friend to do mini cupcakes?  she needed six dozen of them, and was hoping for a starbucks theme since it was for a store party.  with no time to prep, i had to improvise a bit.  i did chocolate mocha cake with cream cheese frosting, a caramel drizzle and some green nonpareils.

whew!  this fundraising business is hard work.  it'll be worth it, though.  i'm inching closer and closer to my goal.  yay!


  1. dude..amazing job!! AND...yummy cookies! thanks again :)

  2. Hi. I have been a lurker for a long time and I think you are such a fun and amazing mama.

    I have been trying to donate money for your half marathon, but there is something wrong with either the website or my browser. Anyhoo, if I order cookies, I will not need them until March (my son's one year bday). May I donate now and place my order later?

    You can email if you like so we can chat.


  3. @life is wonderful - drop me an email at pinkpaperdesigns at gmail. i clicked on your profile but didn't find a way to get ahold of you :)


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