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Monday, October 31, 2011

is it over yet?

despite my lack of enthusiasm for halloween, i just about melted when i got a gander at the bean all dressed up in the costume she'd chosen this year.  arrrrrrr, mateys!

although those shoes were not working, so we hit up payless and scooped up a pair of black boots that did.  seriously, so much better. 

i also had a fun order of cookies to make.  i'm no harry potter fan, but i think they turned out fairly well.  and my friend totally scored on an extra dozen of them, courtesy of my inability to do basic math.

the bean's school doesn't do halloween costumes.  instead, they have a pumpkin harvest party and encourage the kids to wear orange to school that day.  hey, whatever.  i don't really care.  but with a closet full of pink and purple, i decided to make her something to wear that would be festive and work with the theme of the day.  can you see where this is going based on the fabric i picked up?

using this tutorial (and totally winging some parts), i managed to cobble together a quick little pattern for what i had in mind. 

after i cut the pieces out and created a plan of attack as to what order i needed to sew them together in, it came together fairly quickly.  and although i was using a nice, stretchy knit fabric and had based my pattern on a shirt in her closet that she wears regularly, i thought i'd better have her try it on before i finished it completely.

yes, she is wearing her woody pajama bottoms with it.  ha!

i finished the neckline and sleeves (this was the first time i'd sewn in real sleeves, and i was pretty stinking proud of how well they turned out), added the buttons, and had her try it on again sans pajamas.  it's just long enough to cover her little butt, but not enough to pass as a dress.  guess i'll have her wear it with a pair of white leggings, despite the fact that we're well past labor day.  hopefully toddlers are exempt from that rule, especially on halloween.

i made some matching cookies to give to her class and teachers. at first they looked like this:

but they were kinda boring, so i added a little something to make them extra cheerful.

oh, and do you love her fuggs?

what i love is the look on her face.  just like her mama.

happy halloween!


  1. Lucky for her to have a talented mama!

  2. I love everything in this post so much. I don't know what's cuter, your kid or those adorable candy corn cookies.

    I'm sorry I'm comparing your child to food.

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