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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

go go gadget coaster

remember this little gem from a few weeks ago?


well, ever since then, the teen has been trying to get her sister to ride it with her.  and as you can imagine, the bean adamantly refuses to set foot on the gadget coaster again.  so when we hit up disneyland last week and strolled through toontown, the hub took the bean to say hello to the mouse (yes, again) while the teen and i got in line for the ride.

"you're gonna take video with me this time, right?" she demanded.  but of course!

i love that i'm even wearing the same exact shirt in both videos. awesome.

so while that madness was going on, the hub and the bean somehow managed to get through the line at mickey's house in record time.

gotta love it.


  1. OMG DUDE I F***KIN DIE. JUST DYING/CRYING/PEEING MYSELF. okay not really, but HILARIOUS. hahahahaha. i love the teen and you. your laugh is contagious.

  2. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! that was hilarious!

  3. couple things:
    1: the teen is GORGEOUS in this vid and looks so dang grown up!
    2: She is so stickin cute going on the coaster with her mama
    3: your laugh is contagious!

  4. Bwahahahha!! I so LOLed in the dark here...Love it!

  5. Ha! Good lord Nathan's first coster was Big Thunger Mountain!! Yep, that's how my 4 year old rolls :)


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