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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

muppet show

i had the pleasure of doing a batch of cookies for a friend's "sip-n-see" - basically, a meet & greet with their new baby boy.  and since they'd opted not to find out the baby's sex before birth, they'd been calling him "muppet," which leads me to the theme for these fun cookies:

yes, i know that elmo and cookie monster aren't technically muppets.  but they're still basically in the same family - jason segel, muppet expert extraordinaire, said so on the radio.  so there. 

i did a "miss piggy," too, but remember:  i'm a horrible artist.  i couldn't get her right, and although i sent them in with the others anyway, i'm too mortified to show you how they turned out.  i'm vain like that.

these were super fun, but check out the rainbow of frosting that they required:

oh, and i was drawing "beaker," the 12-year-old in me totally reared its ugly head and couldn't stop giggling at the initial outline:

that same weekend, a friend tapped me to do 80 of these babies for a shower favor:

as well as two dozen of these for a party lilcee was throwing for her hubby's birthday.

it's some kind of beer.  yeah, i'd never heard of it either.  heh.

i can't wait to get started on holiday cookies.  oooh, gonna be so much fun!


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