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Friday, November 18, 2011

just a-workin' on my fitness

five months ago-ish, i shared my measurements in a post titled "accountability." 

since then, i've completed the couch-to-5K program, conquered a tough (for me) 5.3-mile run over a ginormous bridge in san pedro, worked my way up to level 3 of the 30-day shred DVD, and signed up and am training for a half marathon in late january 2012.  plus, i took advantage of one of those deals-of-the-day for a boot camp not too far from home, and hope to start that soon.

holy shit, who AM i?

oh, and i love blow-drying my hair because when i look in the mirror as i reach up with the brush and the dryer, i see ab muscles.  AB MUSCLES, PEOPLE!  i have never seen such a thing on my own body in my whole entire life.  of course, there's still a nice, insulating layer of fat that forms a krispy kreme donut-like shape when i squeeze it, but whatever.  i'm pretty excited to be starting my fourth decade in pretty much the best shape i've ever been.

after perusing those measurements in the above mentioned post, i decided to bust out the ol' measuring tape again and see exactly where i stand.  i've noticed my pants feeling looser, which is a good thing aside from the fact that i don't really want to spend money on new ones.  and i was really happy to discover that i've lost inches in each spot i measured before:

natural waist:  1"
hip:  2.5"
thigh: .5"
bicep: 1"
bust: 1.5"

yeah, that last one is kind of a bummer.  a definite "boo" to the rest of the "yay"s, eh?  but it's okay.  i'm good.  i'd already resigned myself to having no boobies before anyway, remember? 

i kind of lost my running juju this week somehow - i got about halfway through my first 4-miler before my left shin started to hurt.  i tried to power through it after taking a walk break, but it just kept getting worse.  i was grimacing and sweating and was the opposite of cute as i trudged back home, doing a mere 2.75-ish miles at a horrible overall pace.  boo.  i'm thinking it's time to pick up some new running shoes.  it's the only thing i can think of that could be the problem.

got any other ideas?


  1. If you have a track you can run on in your area (high school? JC? Community center?), you might try a couple of runs on that. As annoying as it is to run in circles for 4 miles (I get to feeling like a hamster in a wheel), your legs might need a break from running on concrete/asphalt.

  2. so awesome. i need to work on my fitness. sigh.


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