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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i believe

...in miracles.

remember my friend ricci?  i wrote about her here and here.  as i've been doing ever since i heard that she was ailing, i've sent prayers and thought good thoughts and checked her facebook page for updates on the regular.  she's actually been on my mind more than usual over the last few days.

and now i know why.  thanks to a late-night e-mail from lilcee, i'm teary and full of new hope for her.  turns out that her physical condition is stable enough that her family's begun preparing to bring her home to care for her full time.  and even more wonderful - she's been verbally responsive to her husband, mom and sister on three separate occasions.

while she's still got a long, hard road ahead, this is amazing, positive news.  baby steps!

keep on truckin', girl.  you've got a lot of people pulling for you, and i can't wait to hear even more good news!

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