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Friday, March 9, 2012

iPhone bean dump

looking at my phone brings me to the conclusion that the bean loves having her picture taken.  like, for real.

this is her old navy BFF.

two seconds after making this hat on dr. seuss' birthday.

trying to wiggle out of taking a nap (it didn't work).

getting ready for gymnastics class.

at barnes & noble, i told her that she could call her daddy on the phone and if he said she could have yet another stuffed animal that she fell in love with, i'd buy it.  you can see which way that went:

new playground set-up at the mall.  she's a big girl now and does a damn fine job of holding her own against the kids who are far too old to be jumping around in there.

here, she's trying to talk me into taking her to disneyland.  because we all know how tough THAT is.

"take a picture of me with the picture i drew of daddy and send it to him, please?"

making her own lunch - which turned out to be more fun than actually eating it.

the teen and i enticed her into a trip to the mall with the promise of going to the disney store.  except that they shut it down to remodel it.  oops.  she had this face on for a good thirty minutes.

oh, well.  that just meant going somewhere much better.

i love that when i have nothing else to say, there's always a plethora of bean photos to share.  i've gotta work on getting the teen to let me take pictures of her more often.  she's probably gonna be bitter when she sees this post.


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