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Monday, March 12, 2012

porkified pinteractivity

this is my 1,400th post.  whee!

and of course, it's about food.  heh.  for this week's pinteractive link-up with nanette, i decided to try a recipe for glazed pork chops that sounded easy and delicious.  it only had a handful of ingredients and the active cooking time?  maybe 15 minutes.  most excellent.

plus, i had a bag of spinach in the fridge that needed to be used up.  my mom makes a really yummy wilted spinach salad, which sounded pretty darn tasty.  i asked my friend google for a recipe and was amused when it came back at me with one by my friend marshy.  and so i looked no further.

i didn't actually take a lot of pictures.  weird, i know.  i actually didn't even think about it until way late in the process, probably because the camera battery was charging and i was too lazy to grab it from the other room.  yup, my laziness is in a class of its own.

the pork chops only required a super simple spice rub, about 10 minutes in the pan, and another 5-10 in the oven.  i love recipes that are this easy.

i managed to time things just right so that the spinach salad was ready right around the time i was pulling the meat out of the oven.

because the mushrooms in my fridge needed to be used up, i sauteed them in the bacon drippings and added them to the salad.  i love me some 'shrooms.

the final verdict?  well, marshy never steers me wrong.  i wasn't surprised to take a bite and find that the salad was fabulous.  and as for the meat - if you enjoy eating pig, you MUST try these.  i've honestly never had a more delicious pork chop in my whole life.  it was juicy, tender, flavorful, and really just perfect in every way.  so, so, so good.

seriously, if not for google and pinterest, i don't know how i would ever find all this yummy stuff to make.  i suppose there are always cookbooks and magazines, but this is far easier.

and we all know how much i love to take the easy way out.



  1. ::::drool:::

    I'm going to have to try both of those dishes.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thank you for posting this! I've had a pack of pork chops sitting in my freezer for months (don't ask what possessed me to buy it!), and had no idea how to cook them. Totally trying this tonight.


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