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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tea for three

plus one.  what?  "tea for four" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

oh, how i love going to tea.  and i am amused at how many blog posts i have that revolve around visits to all sorts of different tearooms around here.  i don't think there's a tearoom in the l.a. area that we haven't tried yet, and if there is - well, we'll get to it.

but one of our favorites is chado in pasadena.  we met my mom here for a lovely visit a few weeks ago, and it was just as good as it always is.  pretty reliable for service and grub.

even the bean approves.  of course, this is right after she got to make a hefty dent in that plate of sweets at the bottom there.

and then we met up with our beloved cousin seven to celebrate her birthday.  since she works out in the burbank area, we decided to try a new place in montrose - the t room.

because it was the middle of the afternoon, the place was empty when we arrived.  the bean was enchanted with the decor.

and she was pretty excited to hear that there was a section in the menu just for her.

MIL introduced her to "peanut butter & chocolate" sandwiches ages ago, and it's one of her favorite treats.  because she is her mother's daughter, she refuses all things fruit - even PB&Js.  sad, i know.  even i love a good jelly-filled sandwich.  so she was super stoked when this arrived.

she's also a pretty big fan of hot tea.  well, hers isn't really "hot" - she always requests an ice cube or two to cool it down enough for her to drink.  and she was really delighted to drink it out of this delicate teacup...with some assistance.

the teen, cousin seven, and i shared this three-tiered tower of tasty treats.

i'm sure she's going to love me for that shot.


  1. omg..that last picture made me snort! LOL, hilarious.!

    also...now i want tea! so yum.

  2. WOW. is that the picture you took when you said "ohh, i just took a GOOD picture of you". because if so, i TOTALLY AGREE.

    and i'm saving that picture. for reasons i don't know yet.


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