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Monday, March 26, 2012

peeps are pinteresting

so since my st. patrick's day wreath had to come down (for obvious reasons), i was excited to gather the supplies to make a new one for easter.  i'd seen this adorable one on pinterest ages ago, and i knew i had to make it for our door.

finding all the different colors of peeps was an adventure.  i hit all the usual spots - target, CVS, the dollar store, two different grocery stores - and even braved a trip to the dreaded walmart.  yup, i went there.  ugh.  and then my 40% off coupon at michaels paid off for the straw wreath base, making this an awesome low-budge decoration.

did you know that peeps even came in all of these colors?  i sure didn't.

the bean was entranced as well.  "look, mommy, you got my favorite color, blue!"

it really didn't take all that long to assemble.  and instead of sticking the toothpick into the peep and then pressing it into the wreath, i did it backwards.  impaling my finger with a dull toothpick once was more than enough, thank you very much.  and in about half an hour it was ready to be sprayed with acrylic sealant:

because my wreath hanger left the st. patrick's one dangling at an odd height, i decided to take some of my tulle-on-a-roll that's been sitting around for years (literally, years) and put it to good use.  i wrapped it around a couple of times, tied the ends in a knot, and then wound it around the top of the wreath hanger.  i put it on the door backwards so that the bottom hanger was on the inside of the door, and it worked perfectly.  well, the front door opens and closes a little wonky now, but that's okay.  easter is only two weeks away.

when i posted a picture on twitter, my friend kelley replied with a compliment and said she wished she could make one.  because she's said she isn't crafty, i told her i'd make one for her.  except that this time, i'm going to use hot glue instead of the toothpicks.  why?  well, because every time i go out the door, i see this:

so sad.  it's like they're committing peep-i-cide.  it's okay, little chickies.  i'll always pick you up and bring you back to your friends.  of course, this means you have to keep on keepin' on with a toothpick jammed up in your innards.  that's just the price you pay.  beauty is pain.



  1. cute! I don't like peeps (not a big marshmallow fan,) but that is a nice decoration for easter.

  2. I pinned that wreath too- it is adorable. Yours came out so good!


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