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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i('m not gonna) scream, you scream...

so yeah, the prep for the bean's birthday bash 5.0 is in full effect.

although i feel like i've been a lot more laid back about it this year.  we're only a few days out and i'm not really worked up into a frenzy as usual.  i'm not sure what the difference is.  andplusalso, the teen isn't going to be around much because we happened to pick the same day as homecoming for this shindig.

when i asked the bean to choose a theme for this party, i got all sorts of answers ranging from just about every disney junior and nick jr. show to minnie mouse and hello kitty.  but one day, as i was going through my [rather extensive] fabric stash, i came across some super cute yardage i'd bought earlier in the season with a dress for her in mind.  when i showed it to her and suggested that i make her something to wear for her party, she readily agreed - and so the ice cream social planning began in earnest.

with the theme finally set, i started ordering party supplies and fun stuff online.  we were accepting deliveries on the daily for a while there, and i just kept piling them up in the nook.

thanks to pinterest, i found directions for making little tulle poufs that i'm going to string together to make a pretty garland.

ice cream cones are gonna be all over the place.  these were really fun to make and turned out really well:

i gave the bean the choice between two different dress styles, and she chose this one:

and then for her class party on her actual birthday, i made some funfetti cupcakes in a cone.  to make the process spillproof (thus preserving my sanity), i followed these instructions to create the perfect pan.

they turned out really cute, and her classmates were super excited when they got a gander at 'em.

in the next few days, i'm going to make a few flavors of homemade ice cream, finalize the menu (simple, since we aren't starting till 2pm), pick up all of the supplies, and make it all happen.

i swear to all that is holy, i'm not going to get all crazy and partyzilla again.  i'm not, i'm not, i'm not!


  1. Buwhahahahaha...no partyzilla....Im not buying it, I've met you!!

  2. Looooove her dress!!! and the theme of course!

  3. super cute! love the theme. I also love the idea of the tulle pompoms. Can't wait to see how it turns out.


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