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Monday, October 1, 2012

happy birthday, baby...

can you believe it?  check this out:

birth day.

just one year later:

and then two:

this picture just cracks me up.

and last year, at the big rainbow bash:

i bet you're super shocked to hear that we're in the throes of planning bean's bash 5.0, right?  heh.  it's a lot different to work on these parties now that she's old enough to actually have a preference.  like, she actually thinks she gets a say in what kind of shindig we do now!  man.

this also means that she's more than willing to help with making decorations and thinking up ideas for food and activities and decorations.  alas, my dear bean, your mama's always gonna be one step ahead of you.  and so she was happily surprised to see what i managed to concoct with some fabric, a styrofoam ball and a bit of scrapbooking paper.

happy birthday, sweet girl.  we got nothin' but love for ya, baby.


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy 5th birthday beeeeaaaannnnnnn!! Happy Birthday to you! Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the super party your awesome mom and family are having for you!

  2. Happy birthday Bean! I hope you have a day full of sweet treats!

  3. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! xoxo

  4. Happy birthday Bean!! You are such a sweet girl :)

  5. Happy birthday, Bean! You're super awesome!

  6. Happy 5th Birthday! You are getting cuter every year.

  7. Happy birthday, Bean! And FIVE!?! How is she FIVE?! :)


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