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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

what time is it?

IT'S IPHONE DUMP TIME!  yay!  you know you love these.  or not, and that's cool too.

the avon walk left me with a hardcore addiction to a mixture of this for breakfast:

hell, i could eat this stuff all day long.  i wonder if there's a 12-step program for it.

speaking of the avon walk, this is what my big toe looks like withOUT polish as a result of that 39-mile trek.  is that the saddest thing you've ever seen, or what?  and i'm not even talking about that unfortunate flip-flop tan.

during this pedicure, i also learned that one of my toenails on my right foot is hanging on by a thread.  i got the heebie jeebies so bad when she showed it to me, i almost passed out right there in the spa chair. ew.

on a happier note, this was the bean's picture day outfit.  i doubt she got to do the karate kid pose for her sitting, but at least i got this:

also, i can't get enough of her in that cheer uniform, big ass bow and all.

she managed to talk the teen and me into a game night.  her weapon of choice?  the spongebob squarepants edition of life.  it's rated 7+, but she did a pretty fine job of playing with us.

at the risk of making this post too bean-centric, i also love that she's taking these lessons:

and that her new gymnastics coach has them stand at attention like this when it's not their turn on the equipment.

we enjoyed a fun afternoon with our friends lilcee and mini cee at the farmers market.

i treated the family to a deliciously gooey version of monkey bread.  not made from scratch by far, but damn, was it good.

here is solid proof that slapping an image of my beloved hello kitty on just anything all willy-nilly does NOT guarantee that i will buy it.  nice try, target.  not even putting it on clearance could get me to put this in my basket.

the hub surprised me with this when he stopped at barnes & noble to pick up a book for the teen:

while sitting at the sushi bar for dinner, the bean got all artistic and stuff.  we thought it was pretty funny that she made it a point to add the "AA" on the airplane, "like the airplane grandma and grandpa ride in from texas."

last but not least, this is from our family photo shoot that we did this weekend.


  1. I recently found your blog and I love it!! I must ask about your toe...the people doing the pedicure don't mind? My big toe is about 50 shades darker purple than yours. Thanks to a fun weekend in Vegas (no more 4" heels for dancing). I've been too scared to get a pedicure thinking they might freak out, but it seems they're okay with it.
    Oh and how's the Disneyland book?? We're Disney people though even thought its a 6 hour drive us. But I love learning all the little facts and secrets.

  2. I love that the Bean is taking piano lessons!!! I 100% totally approve.


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