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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

donuts are even better when they're mini

after we crossed the finish line at universal studios, we headed over to city walk to find something to eat and see if there was anything new since our last visit.  but as always, we were drawn to the same store we always end up in:

sparky's is one of my very favorite novelty stores, so i was excited to see what kind of fun stuff they had in stock.  although from the moment we set foot inside, i knew that store was long gone.  where there used to be a huge variety of silly trinkets and toys and things to pore through, the store is now split between hello kitty merchandise and candy.

wait.  that sounds like i'm complaining.  i'm not!  because duh, hello kitty and candy are two of my most favorite things on the face of the planet.  and we definitely had a blast looking through everything.

the teen was drawn to this chocolate chip-shaped wallet.

and i couldn't resist scooping up a handful of this:

something else new (to me, anyway) was the addition of a mini donut shop.

we'd just done three miles under a blazing hot sun with a 60-pound stroller.  i figure, we earned these donuts, right?  hell yeah, we did.  plus it was kinda fun to watch them being made.

a sprinkle of powdered sugar, and voila:

i wasn't the only fan of these little treats.

this totally motivates me to use the mini donut pan that's still sitting, unused, in my kitchen.  mmmm, donuts.


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