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Friday, November 9, 2012

i'm gonna wreck it!

with the hub out of town on a fun guys' trip with his dad last weekend, the girls and i were left to run amok amok amok (i hope you've seen "hocus pocus," otherwise that just looks stupid).  and we took full advantage, squeezing a ton of activities into both days and having a blast.

super saturday began with the bean's golf lesson.  the hub has actually been taking her for the last couple of months, so i hadn't seen her do her thing in a long time.  i was really surprised and proud to see how much she's improved over the summer:

from there, we picked up the teen at home and headed right back out towards santa monica.  a rep from the art institute had contacted her during the week and invited her to their open house to learn about their fashion merchandising program.  since we're on the lookout for options aside from FIDM, it seemed like a good idea to check it out.

i'm not sure what she was doing here, but her poses crack me up.

i didn't take a ton of pictures at the school, but when we got back in the car the teen said that she wasn't as enthusiastic about it vs. FIDM.  oh, well.  it was worth a look.

our next stop was in sherman oaks to pick up our bibs and t-shirts for a 5K through the universal studios backlot.  it wasn't very far away, but we had to battle a shitton of saturday afternoon 405 traffic to get there.

then we were off to hollywood for a screening of "wreck-it ralph" at the awesome el capitan theater.  i'd scored a deal via living social for tickets, and we love going there for movies.  we'd managed to get there early and hadn't had lunch yet, so we headed to the disney soda fountain right next door for some grub.

the bean was itching to check out the fun merchandise, while the teen and i drooled over the special wreck-it sundae.

after we ordered our food, i went next door to pick up our tickets from will-call.  as i stood in line, i spotted an ad for something that i knew we'd definitely come back for.  this is the bean's number one all time favorite movie.

she kills me with the faces.

just before we left, we watched a server make a big ol' brouhaha over bringing a giant ice cream sundae to a neighboring table.  this bad boy has eight scoops of ice cream, topped with hot fudge, caramel and marshmallow, plus nuts and whipped cream.  i've got one hell of a sweet tooth, but even my stomach was turning at the thought.

in the theater, we were treated to live organ music cranking out disney tunes.

when the organ was swallowed up by the stage, the curtain came down to signal the start of the show.

the "live" portion of the stage show was super cheesy, but the bean loved it.

while that was going on, i snuck out to take some pictures that didn't have a bazillion other people in the way.

the movie itself is super cute.  really fun to watch, and entertaining for all ages.  after a quick potty break, we headed downstairs to check out the movie art exhibit.

 photo op!  i don't know how the teen managed to snap this without anyone in the way.

she took her sister to play the cherry pickers game for about 15 seconds before getting annoyed at the unruly, unsupervised kids next to them.

back upstairs, we managed to sneak in a try at the fix-it felix jr. video game just before we got booted out.

and lest you think i escaped without any souvenirs, here's the bean's lemonade cup.

i can't look at it without shouting "I'M GONNA WRECK IT!"  yes, i'm 10.

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