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Thursday, November 1, 2012

shabby chic shopping

on our way home from the 80s run, we decided to head into nearby solana beach to check out a fun-looking shopping district we'd driven through once before.

but first, i needed sustenance.  and this is where i got it:

i went with the mambo italiano crepe, with a s'mores crepe on the side.  okay, i actually got that one to share with the bean, whose eggs and bacon an hour before apparently hadn't adequately filled her up.  i don't know who was more excited at the sight of those jumbo marshmallows melting into the crepe, her or me.

and of course, it was far more exciting than mine.

this shop looked interesting.  and it was - chock full of all sorts of stuff from over a hundred different vendors.

lots of day of the dead celebrating up in here.

of course, there was some political crap.  and my friend kelley, who met up with us, modeled one of the masks for me.

the bean was super enchanted with these butterfly garlands:

and i wanted one of these like whoa.  because, of course, i want to be just like rapunzel.

across the street, we stopped in at this cute little shop:

it was chock-full of all sorts of fabulous girly vintage items.  i could've spent hours there, but i had to settle for about five minutes.

plus, there was an entire section of exactly the sort of vintage fabrics, patterns, buttons and trims i've always wanted to play with.

can you tell how enthralled i was by all of it?  i wish this shop were closer to me.  but i suppose it's a good thing it isn't.

outside, the bean walked me through even more super awesome shabby chic-type stuff.  the teen would have LOVED it.

alas, the natives (aka the hub and the bean) were getting restless.  so with one last wistful glance, i headed out of there and into the next shop that caught our eye.  here, more antique-y stuff - but quite a bit less girly.

we've always liked the look of these old school lightbulbs - just dangling by a cord and letting the bare bulb be the decor.  this was the first time we'd ever actually come across them for sale, and they're pricey.

i like this quote.

in the last shop, we found more fun stuff.

surprisingly, we left cedros avenue completely empty-handed.  not for lack of interest, but i guess we just weren't in a spendy kind of mood.  oh well.  i'm sure the ol' debit card was grateful we didn't give it a workout anyway.

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