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Friday, November 30, 2012

turkey trottin'

getting up early on thanksgiving morning was surprisingly easy, considering the level of activity and excitement of our day before at disneyland.  i think my body knew i had to be motivated for a busy day of cooking and hosting, kicked off by an early morning 5K run a couple of cities over in claremont.

i'm never sure how parking is going to work at these things (despite the fact that i've been to a bazillion races by now), so i always get there early.  plus, i'd missed early packet pick-up because of the disneyland day and still needed to get my bib and t-shirt.  luckily, i found parking pretty easily and headed on up towards the check-in table.

see those super bright neon shirts in that picture?  yeah, those are the ones they gave away to all the runners.  that thing's gonna look awesome in the t-shirt quilt i'm getting ready to make.  heh.  and with lots of time to kill, i wandered back to the car to drop it off since i wasn't about to throw it on over what i was already wearing.

when i got back from the car, i did a nice leisurely stroll to check things out.

at this booth, i picked up a little festive something to wear.  cute, right?

the kids' race was going on, and i wished i could've brought the bean.  each kid who crossed the finish line earned a medal, and it would have been fun to watch her run it.  but she was soundly sleeping when i left the house, and nobody wanted to get up early to come with me anyway.  poo.

finally, it was time to head to the start line.  i know this area fairly well since i worked here for a couple of years, but i didn't really know what our route was going to look like.  i was hoping my running mojo would kick in as the gun went off, signaling the beginning of the race.

happily, my magical shoes came through for me again and i found myself going the entire 3.1 miles without stopping for any walk breaks.  the first part of the route was on a slight incline, which always slows me down, but it wasn't too long before we were turning around and heading back towards the finish - all on a downward slope.  woohoo!  my nike app was whispering sweet nothings in my ear, giving me updates on my pace as i passed the mile markers, and the numbers she was telling me were quite encouraging.  like, REALLY good.  check it out:

do you see that?  that, my friends, is what is known as a PR.  personal record, baby!  that's the fastest 5K i've run yet!  i was so freaking stoked over this, and i'm not even going to acknowledge the fact that the largely downhill course had a single thing to do with it.  nope, nuh-uh.  i pretty much just basically kicked that 5K's ass.  not that i won anything, of course, but the PR is enough for me.

and as i was catching my breath just past the finish line, my friend lisa found me and we got some random lady to take this for us (and yes, i wore that stupid ass hat the whole way):

obviously, this was a sign that thanksgiving 2012 was getting off to a pretty stinking fabulous start, yes?

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