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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a little birthday party pinteractivity

i'd decided to make cupcakes for the bean's birthday party because it's just easier all the way around.  easy to make, easy to transport, easy to distribute, easy to clean up.  i debated making her a small round cake for blowing out candles, but ran out of time (shocker, huh?) and figured she'd be okay with making her wish from the top of a cupcake rack instead.

after going back and forth (red velvet! chocolate! marble!), she finally settled on the simplest of flavors: vanilla cake, vanilla frosting.  ho-hum.  vanilla isn't MY favorite, but then again, it wasn't my birthday.  and so i busted out an old tried-and-true favorite recipe for the cake - the one i'd used for her rainbow party a couple of years ago.  i used a little food coloring in an effort to carry the color scheme through.

yeah, that second batch didn't really come out as i'd hoped.  i guess purple cake needs to be much more vibrant than that.  oh well.  based on previous experience, the kids wouldn't even notice it anyway.

seven-minute frosting was the perfect choice - fluffy, light, marshmallow-y.  i decided to try a little trick i found via pinterest ages and ages ago using a paint brush and more food coloring:

the first couple of cupcakes came out really bright.

as i continued piping the frosting, the swirly colors got lighter and lighter.

no worries. the teen plopped a my little pony-themed ring on top, and voila:

we put something special on the bean's special cupcake, although she was slightly horrified when she saw it.  "there's frosting on my pony!"  ack.  she got over it, though.

what do you do with leftover frosting?  well, duh.

a little sugar in the morning never hurt anybody.  and hey, the party was going to be at one of those jumpy places.  worked out perfectly.


  1. I was gonna ask you how you did the frosting. That's pretty cool.

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