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Monday, October 21, 2013

sweating with the oldies

so MIL is a huge curves devotee. the hub and i gave her a trial membership for her birthday when she and FIL first moved out to texas, and she found that she really enjoyed it. not only has she lost an astonishing amount of weight, but it helped her create a social circle in her new home. 

when she comes here on her visits, she's able to continue her routine at the local curves outlet. this month, they're accepting donations to benefit breast cancer research - for $10, you get a punchcard good for ten workouts. she donated $20 and gave the cards to me and the teen, and we had our first session last week. 

see how excited we were? heh. 

MIL had given the staff a heads-up that we were coming, and she brought home the questionnaire and waivers for us to fill out so we could be ready to work when we got there. we got right into the measurements after turning in our forms. 

finally, it was time to get our sweat on. our "trainer" showed us how to work the machines, and as much as we had giggled and guffawed over the whole thing, we were both super sweaty by the end of our first circuit. it's literally a circle of machines that work various parts of the body, with a cardio interval in between each one. 

as MIL looked on proudly, we ended up doing three rounds of the machines. this one was particularly challenging for me:

lastly, we got to do a nice stretching routine that felt pretty great after the resistance training we'd just done. 

we signed up for our next session before leaving, and left with scannable membership cards in hand. 

MIL is in town for one more week, so we'll probably get in for at least a couple more sessions. 

now i'm wondering how hard you've been laughing at this post. it's cool, i can take it. 




  1. Although it isn't for everyone (including myself), I will never laugh at a person who choses to get their workout on at a Curves. What's not to love about a positive workout environment that celebrates a person's fitness victories and supports you through your harder times?

    Everyone has their own "thing" that works for them. I'm just happy to hear when someone found it!

  2. Years ago (I'm talking before I was even engaged) my moms friend went and roped my mom & myself into it. We went for like a year. My arms were never as toned as they were during that time period. It worked so thats all that matters.


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