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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

vegas, i am in you

i haven't been to vegas since before the bean was born. this is sad, because i really love the vegas. the lights, the excitement, the gambling, the shopping, the food. what's not to love?

(okay, there's a lot not to love, but we won't go into that now)

the hub's company does an annual conference, and that's usually where it's held. i've never gone with him, mostly due to me not wanting to leave the bean for that long, but also because his work commitments would leave me flying solo most of the time. 

but this year, MIL is here on one of her visits for the bean's birthday. and and and...the teen is 18. still not old enough for most things, true, but there's lots of fun crap we can do over the span of two days. 

and so for the first time in over six years:

fun times are ahead. oh, boy!

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