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Thursday, October 17, 2013

a team green shower

this weekend, a bunch of us got together and celebrated our friend ashley and her baby-to-be. i'd volunteered to host at the house of wan, but with the crazy week spent in vegas and capped off with a full day at disneyland, i didn't really do anything to prep for the party.  as they always do, though, lilcee and amber really came through and put together an awesome setup. 

look at how cute the dining table was, with floral arrangements and succulents (ashley's favorites) carefully selected and arranged by lilcee!

ashley is one of those super patient people who's willing to wait till her baby makes a grand entrance to find out if she's team blue or team pink. but we had an inkling of what colors she was working with for the baby's wardrobe and nursery, plus a love for books and bunnies. this gave the girls plenty to work with. everything looked awesome. 

celebratory cupcakes were present, courtesy of the best cupcakery in the world: dots, of course. 

i'd completely missed the chatter about the bunny theme and made cookies shaped like a different woodland creature. oh, well. at least they were tasty. 

i love when this group gets together potluck-style. we always end up with some super delicious grub to stuff ourselves with in between chatting and giggling. 

the table was full of friends, food and fun. 

we presented ashley with a card that gave her a list of items we'd all chipped in for from her registry. although there were only about a dozen of us present, the group gift was actually from a total of 20 friends. she also had a fun, handmade present from amber to open. 

before the group broke up and went off in different directions, we managed to pull off a group shot thanks to my camera's self-timer. 

happy baby shower, ashley!





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