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Monday, March 17, 2014

a st. paddy's day quickie

happy st.  patrick's day!

nothing like sitting down to work on a sewing project at 9pm the night before it's supposed to be worn. heh.  of course, it's something for the bean to wear to school for st. patrick's day.  i mean, did you expect anything else?

luckily, i work best under pressure.  and i didn't even drop a single curse word!  probably because what i was working on was pretty easy to do.

i started with a simple $6 tee from target:

plus some fun fabric the teen and i found at joann's for half off.

using the dress the bean had just taken off to put her pajamas on, i measured out the fabric and sewed it into a long tube.  i folded the bottom up twice, ironed it flat, and stitched the hem into place.  then i gathered the top of the skirt, pinned it to the bottom of the t-shirt, did a quick topstitch, and voila:

and, bonus - i had more than enough leftover fabric to cut another strip and twist it into a flower that i glued onto a hairclip covered in a little green felt.  even better?  i was done with all of it in less than an hour.

i can't wait to get her dressed for the day.  she's gonna love it.

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