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Thursday, March 6, 2014

you must be my lucky star

i realize that i've posted about my love for xtend barre a lot lately. like, you're probably thinking "holy crap, is she ever gonna shut the heck up about that place already?"

i know. I KNOW. but i can't help it - it's become my happy place, and for more than one reason. yes, i get a fantastic workout there that makes me feel strong and toned and graceful. but aside from that, it seems to bring me barre-related luck. somehow, i've managed to win several drawings for all sorts of awesome stuff. first, there was the facebook drawing that got me a whole month of unlimited classes (which led to me signing up for that 30 in 60 challenge in the first place). 

then there was this instagram contest from xtend HQ:

you know where this is going. a couple of days ago, i was super stoked to see this:

whaddaya know, all those silly selfies i'd been uploading actually did some good. i love fun sticky socks, and even better - FREE sticky socks! 

but wait...there's more!

after class yesterday, during which i got my butt thoroughly kicked with the assistance of these new props:

i found out that i'd scored a chance to spin the wheel o'prizes!  

before i even got a chance to look it over to see what the possibilities were, i yanked down on that bad boy and hoped for the best. as i watched it spin, i found myself thinking "please don't stop on anything lame. please don't stop on anything lame."

while i would have been over the moon with the 50% off class package prize, i was pretty happy to see the spinner stop on the 10% off any purchase tile. after all, the store is always fully stocked with cute stuff from lorna jane and sparkly headbands and all sorts of other goodies. 

but then i learned that i could also apply the discount to my next class package purchase. sweeeeeet. 

on that note, it seems that a handful of my beloved lululemon pieces no longer fit. meaning, stuff is baggy, yo! well, there's also a couple of things that have never really fit me right or turned out to be super unflattering. i can't decide whether to list it on ebay or in the LLL sell/swap facebook group i belong to. 

also this week, i sent in my official notice of termination as a stella & dot stylist. oddly enough, i'm actually a little sad about this. it's not even like i'd made any sales in the last few months. honestly, i hadn't even bought any samples from the last couple of seasons. but still...end of an era and all that. 

and so i'm going through my collection, weeding out the pieces i don't wear or really even like anymore. the hub will be so happy to see me clear out all of the boxes from the attic, and i guess i'll need to figure out how and where i want to list those things for sale too. 

oh, one last random thing to share. the hub has decided to give up red meat from now until easter, and when he side-eyed my ideas (raisins and sushi - i love the latter but rarely get a chance to indulge), i got serious and settled on a sacrifice of my own: i'm giving up cursing. oh yeah. 

while this sounds silly, because i probably shouldn't have such a potty mouth anyway, i'm actually finding it rather difficult. no cursing means none at all - spoken, tweeted, blogged, etc. and i'm learning that i blurt out choice words at all sorts of random times. half the time i don't even realize i'm doing it.

oh boy. it's gonna be a long 40 days. 


  1. What's the LLL sell/swap group on fb called?

  2. I decided to give up cursing too. Harder than I thought. Wow that your husband is giving up red meat! It was super hard for me to come up with a meal yesterday, lol.

  3. Thats so funny! I love barre classes too and follow xtend on instagram and have totally seen your selfie ;)


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