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Monday, March 24, 2014

fix my fix

you know what's fun?  getting emails that tell me i've earned stitch fix credits because people are giving it a shot using my referral link.  i still love getting my monthly fix, and i hope that those of you who are trying it out are having fun with it too.

i just went in and tweaked my style profile a little and added a few comments based on fix #10.  i wasn't in love with the majority of the shipment, which was kind of a bummer.  but that also gives me a kick in the butt to go into my pinterest style board and add more stuff to it.  supposedly the stylist will go into it and take a look to get some inspiration for future fixes, so maybe it'll help.  here's what came this month:

i actually thought this jacket was kind of cute.  i liked the lace details and figured it would be one of those easy pieces i'd reach for frequently.

but when i tried it on, i found that the neckline was a little awkward and the jacket would have to be either zipped up all the way or not at all.  meh - pass.

this dress had potential.  light, flowy, perfect for the spring-summer months.

and when i put it on, it was comfortable and very much my style.  except that i wasn't in love with the color.  yellow has never been one of my favorites, and so this also went into the return pile.

when i pulled this top out of the box, i knew instantly that it was a fail.  heavy, dark linen with a boring design that i hated on sight.

i tried it on anyway, just to be sure - and confirmed that it was horrible.  i couldn't even picture an occasion that i would bust this out for.  yuck.

you'll notice in that shot (and the jacket one) that i'm wearing some super baggy jeans with those bizarre hobo-looking patches on them.  that would be item number four:

clearly, i wasn't a fan.  anything but skinny-ish jeans tend to make me look dumpy and very soccer-mom-ish.  RETURN.

lastly, this long-sleeved tunic was really similar in style and color to the jacket.  with slightly contrasting lace trim at the shoulders and just the right length for pairing with jeans, leggings, or even to throw on after a beach trip in the summer months.

obviously, this was the one piece i ended up keeping.  in fact, i decided to wear it that day with my favorite pair of lululemon wunder unders, puma ballet flats and some stella & dot accessories.

keep 'em coming, stitch fix.  even when the pieces are a big fat fail, it's still my most favorite delivery all month.

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  1. My first Stichfix box came and it was meh. Stuff I already have. I guess that means I'm in style?


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