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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

still frozen

looks like THE party theme of 2014 for girls is most definitely "frozen." we attended the third one of the year this weekend, and the bean was super excited.

i knew it was going to be a really cute, pinterest-style shindig when we came up the walk and encountered these:

the bean wasted no time in shucking off her shoes and heading right into the jumpy house. 

and then a very special guest arrived. princess anna of arandelle strolled up with boombox and suitcase in hand, and the girls were all entranced. 

well, all except for my apparently indifferent kid. she took her time getting out of the bounce house before hopping out and joining the fun. i wonder what she was saying to "anna" here. 

could be "where's olaf?" or "did you bring sven?" or maybe "how come you don't have icy powers like your sister?" i also wouldn't be surprised if it were "is that your real hair?" this is my kid, after all. 

next was storytime. and as i giggled at the expressions on her face, i had to do this. 

when it was face painting time, the girls all scrambled to get in line behind the birthday girl. with the movie soundtrack on continuous loop, it was funny to hear them all singing along. the bean always belts it out, and today was no different. 

finally, it was her turn. 

she finally got her chance at a photo op. 

she was pretty proud to be the only one with olaf on her face. 

the dessert spread was super cute. 

and pretty tasty. 

the goody bags contained a handful of little frozen-themed pretties, like bracelets and a bottlecap necklace. the one thing that caught my eye was this:

man, i can't wait till i get the chance to make some frozen cookies. I'm waiting, people!

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