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Thursday, March 20, 2014

getting egged on...but not

i was asked to do some cookies for a birthday boy with an egg allergy who was going to celebrate it at disneyland. since i've done vegan cookies before, i wasn't too worried about the actual cookies. a little egg replacer would do the trick, i figured. the cookies came out tasty as usual, but the texture was a little off. when i reported back to the birthday boy's mom, she brushed it off and said that they found that eggless cookies always seem to be a little shortbread-y.  well, alrighty then. good to know!

the list of favorite disney characters that i got were mickey-free - tigger, goofy, donald, lightning mcqueen. i've always thought the disney junior logo was super cute and would make really cute cookies:

but when i followed that example as I was doing the goofy cookies, i wasn't crazy about how they turned out. 

not quite right, huh? and when i looked at pictures of goofy himself, i realized what was wrong. i busted out some black frosting, covered up the red part with it, and now:

although i suppose if presented by itself, you really wouldn't have any idea what it was supposed to be. luckily, once I put it next to the other designs it was a little clearer as to what i was going for here. 

when i posted that picture on social media and asked people to guess what they were, it wasn't goofy that they got hung up on. my "lightning mcqueen" was mistaken for "the incredibles" by more than a few folks. maybe it's because the news of an "incredibles" sequel was just announced, or perhaps it's the 2 (how old the birthday boy was turning) instead of lightning's 95 that was confusing. 

in any case, i really hope he likes them. they were really fun to make, anyway. 

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