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Friday, June 20, 2014

happy father's day to...me.

much like this year's mother's day, father's day was pretty low-key and quiet.  that's cool though, because that's pretty much how the hub wanted it anyway.  with his crazy schedule and long hours at the shop, he was happy to just enjoy a true day of rest.

i personally thought that the card i gave him was pretty fantastic.

i posted this fun montage on social media.  i purposely chose pictures i wasn't in (or cropped myself out) because i mean, hey - he's not MY father.

the teen sent him a salute via twitter too, and he thought it was really sweet.

appropriate for the day.

as for our actual present to the hub...well, it's kind of a funny story.  back when we were wedding planning and trying to lose weight to look extra fabulous on our big special day, we went on an all-chicken-and-veggies-for-dinner diet.  i'd bust out our little mini george foreman grill, cook it up, and we'd sit on the floor and watch tv while we noshed.  i don't even know what happened to that little grill, but we probably donated it or something during one of our bazillion moves.

you know where this is going.

the hub remarked that we should maybe try that routine again, eat a little healthier, blah blah blah.  and as i was strolling through target a couple of days before father's day, i spied the current (larger) version of the george foreman grill.  plus, it has removable plates!  that's huge!  i remember what a pain in the ass it was to clean the little one since you couldn't really dunk it in water or anything.  and so i put one in my cart and brought it home.

and then made the teen wrap it as the hub's father's day gift.  muahahahahaha.

even better?  it got its first use on a night when he wasn't even home for dinner.  isn't it pretty?

i'd also remembered something else i've had for ages that i'd never used because we don't really do homemade burgers.

yup.  a mickey burger press.  and it came with a matching bun cutter.  which, by the way, also works really well on cheese.

making dinner was ridiculously easy and fast.

the teen and i shared a yummy brussel sprouts/kale/bacon salad with our burgers, and we were all happy campers.

oh hey, also?  i just reached a blog milestone - a blogstone?  i dunno -  2,000 posts.  crazy, huh?  i really am a wordy ass mofo.


  1. My day just isn't complete until there's a post from Wan. True story.

    1. that is the nicest thing you've ever said to me :)

  2. i concur with Sarah (even though you have no clue who i am)! plus i'd really love that salad recipe please?? :)

    1. well, now i do! :) here's the recipe i use, and it's SO GOOD. i may have to make more this week. http://www.multiplydelicious.com/thefood/2012/01/brussel-sprout-kale-and-bacon-salad/


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