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Friday, September 25, 2015

blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol

i know you've gotta be pretty stinking tired of hearing about the endless birthday week celebration, so i'll wrap up the weekend in this one last post.  i'd skip over it, but it was just so much damn fun.

well, actually, it started off pretty slowly with the bean's saturday math and science class, plus her weekly soccer game.  and then things got quiet as the hub went off to work at the lounge for a bit and the old lady took a nap.  i decided to make good on a promise to the bean and made her a dress just like the one i'd worn to disneyland the day before:

she ended up wearing it that evening to dinner.  we headed out to tokyo wako, where we were treated to dinner AND a show:

everybody was happy.

my crab roll appetizer was really delicious.

as he perused the drink menu, the hub said "you should get one of these."  when i went to decline as i usually do, the old lady side eyed me with a "ugh, you're such a square."  OH YEAH?

i kid you not, i got through about half of this bad boy and things started getting fuzzy.  what a lightweight.  but it sure made stuff like this even more entertaining:

i do remember saying something about how it tasted like gasoline before i went to chug more of it down.  and then i also recall getting to the end of it and gesturing to the server to bring me another.  yup.  and then when i tried to get the girls to take a selfie with me, i got this:

the hub was much more accommodating.

so much so that when i blurted out "hey, i'm gonna get on social media!"  he just chuckled and said "yeah, that sounds like a GREAT idea!"  and if you follow me on twitter or are my facebook friend, well, you know the rest.

we went on a shopping spree at bath & body works because i said that the house smelled like dog pee, and i face planted right into several different candles trying to figure out which one i liked best.  the girls scored when i pointed out some fuzzy socks that i said they absolutely had to have, and then we were outta there.  the second we got home i ran to the potty and then, remembering that i needed to get up early for a 10K, face planted into bed with all my clothes and makeup and everything on.  at 2:30 i woke up with cotton mouth and got up to drink about four gallons of water, and then at 6:30 i was outta there.

luckily, the race was literally 10 minutes away from the house.  i look ready, don't i?

i found a couple of friends before the race started.

and then we were off!

oh, that oprah.  always so inspiring.

one down, five to go.

off to the side, i caught a glimpse of raging waters.  it was really warm and humid already at that hour, and i would've loved to take a ride down just one water slide.

at least the views of the lake were pretty.

right as i hit the first of what turned out to be many hills, the most perfect song came on my pandora.

just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

 somewhere between miles 3 and 5, i was so pooped and hot i missed the 4th mile marker.

miley took me on through the rest of the race.

with that done, i headed home to get cleaned up and then right back out again to south pasadena to meet up with mama wan for brunch.  it was lovely to see her, and i happily filled up on eggs, bacon and lemon ricotta pancakes.  yum.

then we had a quick playdate with friends at a nearby bowling alley:

and then went home and gave the bean a history lesson.

guess what starts this weekend?  THE BEAN'S BIRTHDAY WEEK.  i'm almost as excited for hers as i was for mine.  the fun around here, i tell ya - it never ends.

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