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Monday, September 21, 2015

serging on through

with the acquisition of my fabulous serging machine, i've become re-addicted to sewing again.  i don't know if it really is just easier or it's just the excitement of the new toy, but in any case, i'm having a ball with it.

my co-leader introduced me to a pattern designer who creates easy-to-follow pdf'd patterns that you buy online, download immediately and print out.  they're multi-page patterns that you match the edges to, tape or glue together and then cut out.  the instructions are accompanied by step-by-step photos and there's even a whole facebook support group page where people share tips and successes (and failures).  the items are relatively simple - tops and dresses and pants - things that you find ready-made everywhere, but it's just really fun to make your own stuff.

after the first few successes with the little summer dresses i did a little while ago, i decided to tackle a top using some fun multi-colored striped knit fabric.  it somehow didn't look just right on me, but when i had the old lady try it on, it was much better on her.  i think she's already worn it to work, even.

speaking of the old lady, i'd bought a length of fabric on a shopping trip downtown with her and had promised to make her a dress with it.  i finally got around to it, and she was pretty happy with it.  so much so that she chose it to wear to a special evening out with her special friend, celebrating their first dating anniversary.

i also fulfilled another promise to her by trying out a super easy pattern for a kimono.  this thing literally consists of two pieces of cut-out fabric, and the most difficult part is hemming it.

check out these cute little woven tags i ordered online:

next, i moved on to a raglan-style top for myself.  i'm a fan of this one, and with the various add-on options like a hood, front pocket, cowl neck, and several sleeve lengths, i know i'll be making lots more as soon as it's not as hot as the surface of the sun out here.

a bit of super loud performance knit fabric i found at joann's turned into a pair of workout pants for me:

my next project brought me back to my regular sewing machine.  a friend of mine mentioned that she was looking for sport headbands for her daughters to wear for soccer practice, and having pinned a tutorial for those a long time ago on pinterest, i volunteered to give it a shot for her.  i tested it out with bands for me and the bean first:

those things go for a minimum of $10 apiece.  my versions were maybe $2.  sweeeeeet.

a dress pattern i'd been saving for weeks finally came out to play, too.  like the others, it was easy to follow and was looking really good until i got a little too cocky/impatient/sleepy/whatever and didn't pay close attention while i was attaching the bodice to the skirt (that i'd added the optional side seam pockets to).  this resulted in a slight disaster that took an extra half hour to fix:

can you see the print?  if you look really closely, you can make out mickey heads atop the anchors and a "steamboat willie"-era mickey silhouette.

but ugh.  i was so annoyed.  i had to cut the skirt off, which also ended up with me shortening the bodice a little.  but when i tried it on, it was still totally wearable.  and i wore it to disneyland the next morning.

i redeemed myself with another dress using a really fun star wars-inspired custom knit fabric i'd found online.  this time, i was careful to pin the pieces together properly.

the bean liked it so much, i made her one too.  i thought i could get away with using the pattern in the XXS size, but because the pattern is graded for a woman's body, it was really low-cut on her.  a tank top underneath solved that problem:

i think next i'll try another raglan top, this time using one of the many options.  i can't wait to see how it comes out!


  1. Another undertaking success you should be proud of.

  2. Seeing as how it's been a year, and assuming your daughter isn't Kylie and he's not Tyga, calling him "her boyfriend" is probably appropriate. "Special friend" is at best, very tedious to readers, and at worst, disrespectful to this young man.

  3. Love to see all your sewing projects. You should start an etsy store.

  4. Eh, I don't mind the "special friend" title. I think it's funny, and I'm sure he has a sense of humor about it too.

  5. Love all the goods! I must know the pattern designer. And those tags!! Love! Where did you order those?


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