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Thursday, September 24, 2015

the celebration continues

although it was still birthday princess day, it was still a friday - which meant that i still had a girl scout meeting to run with my co-leader.  we always have a blast at our meetings anyway, so it was just an extension of the awesome day i'd already had.

not to mention, this was no ordinary meeting.  oh no - this meeting featured a surprise for the girls:  a zumba class!

as you can see, my co-leader and i got in on the action too, following along there in the background.

at the end of the session, everyone was sweaty and thirsty and happy.

what comes after a long, hard workout - especially at a girl scouts meeting?  snack time!

i was super excited and touched when my co-leader and the old lady brought out this gorgeous treat for me, along with a few other surprises.  and then along with the girls, they all sang to me as i beamed happily.

there was one more surprise for me at home:

all in all, i'd say that it was a pretty fantabulous birthday.  and get this - it wasn't over yet!  having a birthday on a friday means...birthday WEEKEND.  oh, yes.

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