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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

aloha and mahalo

what better way to cool off after a hike to the top of diamond head than a dip in the ocean at waikiki?

but first, a quick pitstop to rock in the chairs at the surfrider.

and maaaayyyyybe grab some lunch under the giant banyan tree.  ahi nachos and sparkling pink lemonade?  yes, please.

after lunch, the hub managed to score some sweet chair/umbrella rentals for all of us.

we spent a nice chunk of that afternoon just floating in the ocean, riding the waves and having a blast.  i would've loved to get some pictures, but i really wanted to just unwind and enjoy the moment...so i did.  we all did.  we stayed in the water till we were all pruney and drowsy and relaxed, and it was wonderful.  i told the hub that that was my happy place - top of the list even above disneyland.

no, waikiki.  mahalo to YOU.

the fun wasn't over yet, though.  with our time in hawaii rapidly winding down to an end, we decided to hit the pool when we got back to home base.  my favorite one was this shallow pool with a "sandy" bottom.

i gotta tell you, recapping this trip several weeks after returning home is making me "homesick" for hawaii in a big way.  we're back in the swing of things here at home now, but reliving the adventures we had not quite a month ago is just so bittersweet.  i cannot wait until we can go back for more.

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