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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

a coupla space cadets

because it wouldn't be us not to be GO GO GO over the weekends, as soon as we got ourselves cleaned up from that 5K it was back in the car for a field trip to the california science center.  we were meeting up with the girls from the bean's math/science class, and although i was exhausted i didn't want her to miss out on the fun.  after all, i could sleep later...right?

i love looking up at this.

and the kids were excited to see each other.  although they're all in our girl scout troop, only the bean had done the sleepover and so they hadn't quite gotten their fill of bonding time.

our instructor had an itinerary all mapped out for our visit.  the first thing on the agenda was an IMAX movie that wasn't scheduled to start for another half hour, so we headed into the museum to do a little exploring first.

the movie was actually really interesting.  it gave us an overview of the space shuttle program over the years and showed what the world is doing to prepare for sending astronauts to mars.  plus, it was in 3D, which is always fun.

when it was over, we headed back into the museum to check out the accompanying "journey into space" exhibit.

inside, there were all sorts of displays and fun activities for kids of all ages.

this was a simulation of the international space station.  the video we watched as we waited to enter warned of possible queasiness or motion sickness, so we were all on our guard.

turns out that it was an optical illusion of sorts - you stood on the platform while the walls around you rotated to simulate the weightless feeling the astronauts live with while at the space station.

the fun continued with a display of the different kinds of freeze-dried foods that the astronauts get to eat while in space.

i liked reading the trivia questions.

space potty!  bathroom humor never gets old.

i mean, i don't understand how you wouldn't smirk at "purpose:  pooping in space."

 photo op!

and a display of peanut butter jars and how they would weigh differently on various planets.

we capped off the field trip with a visit to the space shuttle endeavour.

but first:  more space potty!

this exhibit really only takes a few minutes.  you go in, ooh and aah over the shuttle, and then there's really not much else to do.

i shared this on social media and most people thought it was the bean.  i hadn't realized that i'd dressed myself in what looked like a school uniform.  i blame sleep deprivation.

we barely got out of the parking lot before this happened.

and even after all that...the weekend wasn't over yet!

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