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Monday, November 16, 2015

down on the farm

MIL and i got to go on the bean's class field trip last week to a farm that was about an hour and a half away.  rather than ride on the bus with forty screaming kids, we opted to drive our own car (which also gave us the option of taking the bean home with us afterwards).

while there are farms closer to home, this one is well-known for great views, fun activities, and oh yeah - the staff is all dressed up and stay in character to make you think you've stepped into a time machine and are back in the 1800s.

here's where your history lesson begins:

the first thing we did was take a ride on the tractor (not horse-drawn, because pulling 20 kids plus chaperones would just be mean to the poor animal).

it was a beautiful day.  the weather couldn't be more perfect - sunny and low 60s.  so much better than earlier in the year, when this trip was originally planned.  we lucked out and the bus was out of commission on that day, which ended up being somewhere in the 90s.  yay for us!

next up - meeting and petting some farm animals.  despite this sign, we were given instructions on how to feed them, and those of us who wanted to received a handful of stuff for them to graze out of our hands.

i attempted a selfie but found myself risking a haircut instead.  okay, not really, but it made for a great picture.  heh.

the bean loves petting animals.

these guys stayed far away from the hordes of kids.  i suppose i couldn't blame them.

back outside, this group of older kids were doing some sort of civil war reenactment.

our next activity had the kids dipping long wicks into a pot of hot wax to make candles.  one dip in wax, one dip in cold water to let it set.

next, the kids got to play some good old fashioned games.  hoop and stick, anyone?

of course, half the hoops ended up here.

then we headed down towards the general store, where the kids formed a circle and got to shake mason jars full of cream that turned into butter after being shaken by 20 kids.  i took that opportunity to head inside and check out the merchandise.

little did the kids know that just a few steps behind them, there was all this:

 then the kids all gathered up on the grassy hill and ate the lunches they'd brought.

one last selfie before heading off on the long drive home.

it was a fun day, and i hope i get picked to chaperone the next field trip...wherever that may be.

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