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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

i am a sewing FOOL

so after a month-long drought (maybe even more, i can't even remember), i finally got to sit down at my sewing machine and crank out some fun stuff over the last week.  i've got a crazy pile of fabric that's just been taunting me as it sits and watches me walk around the house getting all sorts of other things done, and i really wanted to get through some of it and sew up some new pieces that the girls and i could start wearing ASAP.

when the bean had a day off right in the middle of the week for veteran's day, we decided to head out to see "the peanuts movie."  you know how much we love snoopy, and i'd been excited to see it since we first saw the preview almost a whole year ago.  with the most perfect cut of fabric in my stash just waiting for its time to shine, i got my pattern printed and cut out the pieces to make a fun hoodie to wear to the theater.  this took me maybe 30-45 minutes to complete:

it was my first attempt at making something with a hood, a front pocket and thumbhole cuffs, and i was pretty stinking proud of myself for getting it done.

and then we found ourselves with zero plans for most of our sunday.  while the girls worked on a fun thanksgiving cookie project, i finally got to make something for the old lady using a length of crushed velvet she'd picked out during a fabric shopping trip in downtown l.a.:

it's basically just a t-shirt dress, but it looks a little dressed up when done in a more luxurious fabric.  it fit her perfectly and she loved it, so i moved on to something for her sister.  with some of the leftover fabric from my snoopy hoodie, i managed to eke out this pair of leggings with an attached circle skirt.  i'd really wanted the whole skirt to be made out of the snoopy fabric, but since i didn't have enough i ended up doing the back half in solid black.

i've had the pattern for this kids' hoodie cut out for the last couple of weeks, and i was excited to finally be able to give it a shot.  it was a little challenging, and it took me a little longer than i'd expected to piece it all together, but in the end, the bean was one happy camper.

she got a second hooded top out of this whole sewing spree, and i decided to add the thumbhole cuffs in this one.  suffice it to say that she's a fan.

i wanted to try a different neckline option with that hoodie pattern i'd made for myself, and so i finally cut into some fabulously soft and squishy french terry fabric i'd been saving for just the right project.  i kept the kangaroo front pocket and thumbhole cuffs, but ditched the hood in favor of a cowl neck.  and like the bean's leggings, i found myself just a little short of fabric to get it all done.  i was so annoyed, but i decided to use a bit of charcoal gray french terry for the back of the cowl neck. it looks fine, and as long as i leave my hair down you can't even see it:

there's a couple more patterns i want to try, and a whole lot more fabric to go through.  at least i'm having fun, and the pieces are actually wearable!  and it's nice to be able to wear stuff with sleeves.  sewing for cold weather is super fun.  we'll just have to wait and see what else i come up with.

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