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Thursday, November 17, 2016

cookie dump time

the cookie requests are so unpredictable...sometimes i'll go for weeks without making a single one, and then all of a sudden i'm looking at dozens upon dozens at the same time.  weird.  but hey - that way it's still fun!  and it never ceases to amaze me that there are still so many different designs out there that i have yet to do.  i love hearing people's ideas for cookies that they want to share with friends and family.

like these, for a pittsburgh panthers fan.  confession:  i totally had to google to find out what sport it was for.  i'm pretty good if it's a pro team, but college?  i'm completely clueless.  heh.

soccer balls are still my arch nemesis.  i've done a handful of them and still i'm never satisfied with how they turn out.  luckily, they're good enough to be passable.

so this is my third year of being involved with girl scouts and i still have yet to make cookies for my own troop.  these i did for a friend whose daughter is a first-year daisy:

amazingly enough, "frozen" is still a pretty popular theme with the under-5 set.

and i got to do some treats for two different baby showers:

emojis are always fun to do, and i giggle the whole time i'm piping those faces on.

these are being packed up for shipping right now.  i now have something else to add to the "i'm terrible at freehand drawing" list - horseshoes.  i mean, come on.  tell me those don't look like vaginas.

oh well.  hopefully as long as they're placed next to the hats and boots there won't be too much confusion as to what they're supposed to be.  eek.

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