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Friday, November 18, 2016

hard work pays off

the third grade has been rather...challenging.  it's a huge difference from last year, where it seemed like they were doing a whole lot of reviewing of what they'd already learned and adding on just a little to that.  the homework is a lot more difficult and mind-numbing, although thankfully it isn't excessive.  it does require a good amount of explaining and discussing, and quite a bit more writing is involved.  i know this is a good thing, and she's definitely learning a lot this year.  it does feel like homework for parents as well as the kids, and as i struggle with it every week with her, i totally give all the props to the parents who are juggling full-time work schedules along with all this stuff.  i don't know how i'd do it if i were dead tired from working an 8-hour day plus commuting back and forth.

and yet, as the first trimester of the year came to an end, all that hard work that she'd done paid off.  yesterday was the awards assembly, and i was beyond proud to watch her walk up and accept her certificate for making the principal's list - straight As, baby!

she's the kind of kid who flips out if she misses a question and gets marked off a point or two.  i was going through her folder the other evening and came across a math test that she'd scored a 99% on.  and when i told her "hey, good job on your math test!" she looked at me like i'd sprouted a second head and said "why are you saying that?"  i pointed at it and she said "but i didn't get 100%.  that's not a good job."

good gracious.

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