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Thursday, November 3, 2016

one last halloween-y recap

halloween with our girl scouts was a fun event, although a little less well-attended than last year.  we asked each family to create and run a fun station for the girls - whether it be a craft, a snack, a game, what have you.  and somehow we only had five stations with twelve girls present.  the only difference i can think of is that last time, we created a sign-up sheet with a list of activities and all they had to do was sign up and bring the supplies to run their station.

oh, well.  in any case, the old lady and i signed up to do a "mystery box"-type activity.  i've always wanted to do that...you know, where you have to reach inside a box to touch whatever creepy shit happens to be inside?  watch, i'll show you.

we cut a hole in the top of six boxes, like so:

created some fun little signs:

assembled our mystery items:

and ended up with stuff like this:

the "dead hand" consisted of a latex glove filled with flour.  it felt quite realistic...pretty gross.

this was a box of "loose teeth."

and pipe cleaners served as our "spider legs."

add some $.99 cobwebs and some sparkly garland on a black plastic table cover, and you have this:

one of the girls brought in a dozen donuts, super festive and delicious:

there was a cookie decorating station:

toilet paper roll bowling:

and prizes included fun stuff like a magic 8 ball for everyone:

it was funny to watch the girls get grossed out over having to stick their hands into those boxes.

in the end, everyone had a good time despite the shortage of activities.  i think most of them were done with everything that was set out in about half the time that we expected.  we may have to think of something else to do next year for halloween...hopefully we can come up with an idea that'll take up the entire meeting and still be fun and entertaining for everyone.

and now that halloween is over, we can focus on the next thing...for me, that means attempting to come up with ideas for when pixie the elfette returns for the holiday season.  give me strength.

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