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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

they see me rollin'

our very last october birthday party was this weekend, and we definitely saved the best for last.  this one was for the bean's special friend - not quite on the same level as her sister's special friend, because these two have been friends forever.  and, well, they're 9.  but i must say that i also adore this little dude along with his parents and his little sister, and they've all turned into wonderful friends of ours over the years.

we arrived early at the skate rink so that we could help out with the prep - his mom is used to doing big shindigs at their house with lots of time to get everything set up.  this is the first year they've done a party at an outside venue, and so i'd volunteered to help her out with anything she might need.

it's a little eerie to be at a place like this - especially when you're used to seeing it packed wall-to-wall with people - when it's totally empty.

our assignment was a fun one - to help put all of the glow necklaces, bracelets and even glasses together.

meanwhile, the kids were having a blast running around the place like they owned it.  they played tag on the dark floor, checked out the arcade, and then stopped for a photo op after they'd finally been allowed to put skates on.

group selfie!

there was lots of sugar to keep everyone happy and all amped up on their skates.

and i was super amused at all of the signage around the place.

the old lady and i wasted no time in getting skates on our own feet and heading out for some fun.

it was fun to watch the kids having a blast out on that floor.  and even more so to see the bean busting a move now and then to the music.

it didn't take long before my hair was up in a bun.  i don't know if it was all the skating or if they just didn't turn the air on in there, but holy crap was i a sweaty mess for most of the party.

lunchtime!  there was delicious juan pollo and pizza from a local shop.

although it was like herding cats, they managed to get the kids out there for a group photo.

and then all too soon, it was time for the very last song of the party - michael jackson's "thriller."

one last cruise around the floor, and then that was it.

the kids all sat on the floor checking out the loot in their goody bags while we scurried around getting everything cleaned up.  gotta get in every minute of togetherness in there, you know.

so much fun!  and all i could think of as we partied was that next year's gonna be a big one.  they'll all be turning double digits for the first time, and we're gonna have to figure out how to really do it up to celebrate.  yikes.

partyzilla mom rides again!

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