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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

amazon really DOES have it all

we all know how much i love a good surprise box, yes?  and especially the kind that brings fun new snacks to try!

i've never used one of amazon's dash buttons before.  you know, the little gadget that's connected to a specific product and your amazon account.  and when you push the button, it automatically places an order for that item, charges your credit card on file and delivers the product to your doorstep.  seems like a pretty good idea, although i never really had a need for one before.  i mean, i'm a stay-at-home. if i need something i can pretty much just run out and grab it, you know?  but then i got an email from amazon offering me this dash button:

prime surprise sweets is a fun little box you can order with the push of that button, and when it arrives it looks like this:

and then you crack it open using the oh-so-convenient pull tab on the front of the box:

pull that paper off, and voila:

it's a super fun surprise box full of sweet snacks from small companies around the good ol' u. s. of a.  this is my first box, but apparently you can order the box as often as you want and it brings you new and different treats every time.

the old lady and i decided to try these first.  they're little shortbread bites that have crushed key lime candy mixed into the batter, and they're so delicious we almost hoovered up the entire thing in a matter of minutes:

i love a good sea salt caramel.  these are really tasty:

we've picked these up at a local sweets shop before.  it's a gigantic brick of specialty rice krispy treat, and we've had lucky charms and froot loops flavors before.  this one, made from cocoa krispies, looks like it'll be just as delicious:

and we haven't tried this one yet, but who doesn't love a good whoopie pie?

this little button is dangerous.  i'm keeping it tucked away in the little box it came in, upside down, in a drawer so i don't find myself pushing it like, every single day.

hmmmm.  what else can i get a dash button for?  this is fun.

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