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Friday, July 28, 2017

cookies for the olds

last week, i got a text from a lady who asked me to do cookies for her a few months ago.  she'd just been invited to a 70th birthday party, and she said that the celebrant really loved cookies with white frosting.  simple enough, right?  and so i busted out a couple dozen of these:

well, apparently the birthday boy's wife really liked them.  so much so that asked for my contact information to ask if i could make her a couple dozen for her dad's birthday, who's turning 90.  of course, i said.  it was kind of short notice but not really, since that was monday and she needed the cookies for friday.  no problem.  i asked her if she had any ideas for designs, or maybe if he had a favorite hobby or sports team.  she said that he was a funeral director for many years and has a fantastic sense of humor, and with her blessing i went into my halloween box of cutters and ended up making these:

i sent a picture of them to her to make sure they were okay, and she seemed to really like them.  thank goodness.  the old lady thought they were pretty hilarious, while the bean found it appalling.  she was all "OMG, is that a TOMBSTONE??  that's so mean!"  i was just sitting there happy to have gotten the cookies done.

but man oh man, i really hope ol' jack really does have a great sense of humor.  eek.  happy 90th, sir.

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