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Friday, March 23, 2018

first birthday partyin' OG style

our weekend of fun continued with an awesome first birthday party for my friend weezermonkey's baby boy.  she'd booked a cool hipster OG arcade for the shindig, and i was pretty excited to check it all out.  she'd asked me to do cookies for the party, and we'd decided to do them pac-man themed.  ever wondered what ten dozen cookies looks like?  well, here you go:

they were really fun to work on, and i was pretty proud of how they turned out.

we ran a little behind schedule, arriving at button mash about half an hour after the party's official start time.

the bean wasted no time in getting her hands on some game tokens as soon as we got inside.

 and after i got the cookies all settled next to the cake - which was awesome:

i took a quick look around.  there was a full bar and kitchen:

a whole room full of pinball machines:

some seriously old school games (which i was super excited to get my hands on):

 "mom, i don't get how to play these games."  move over kid, i'll show you how it's done.

millipede was always my JAM.  i was pretty excited to play, although i was super rusty and kinda sucked at it.  didn't matter though, i was having a ball.

check out the awesome balloon characters that weezermonkey had commissioned.  when the party was over, she decided to leave them behind for others to enjoy - especially since no one had room in their cars to take them home.

the funniest part was finding pictures that people were taking with them later on, when the arcade opened to the public.  the party decorations ended up being insta-famous, heh.

i was a fan of the fun (albeit rather demented) wallpaper that covered one wall.

the bean, while she was somewhat on sensory overload, had fun hanging out with her friends mini cee and mini nanette.

and it was so great to be reunited with some friends that i hadn't actually seen in person in forever - in some cases, several years.

and look at how cute baby weemo is!  he'd just fallen asleep, so he had to be woken up for some birthday shenanigans.

this is what happens when you hand a 10-year-old your phone...

yes.  yes, she did indeed take a picture of my butt.  sheesh.  and apparently i was far too engrossed in my millipede extravaganza to get in on this picture.  bummer.

as the party wrapped up, the staffers started boxing up leftover grub for people to grab to go.  WE LOVE LEFTOVERS.

and then when we got home, the bean said "mom, i was having so much fun but i was really trying to hide the fact that i didn't feel good."  she was all sneezy and runny and allergy-ish, and then i made a total rookie mistake by handing her some benadryl to help her feel better.  this was at 6:00 in the evening...on a sunday.  oops.

that benadryl knocked her out so hard, she slept right through dinner and all through the night.  at least when she got up the next morning she was all bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready for school.  most excellent.


  1. I am so in awe of your continued blogging! Thank you so much for coming! Thank you so much for your cookies! Thank you so much for your gifts! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being my friend! Love you to pieces. :)

  2. The bean was taking selfies so I bombed it while we were watching you beat down Millipede. Good times.


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