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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

scrambling for material

i'm starting to think i have no business trying to blog on a daily basis anymore.  half the time i forget to write it until the day is half over, and the other half i don't even have much to talk about anyway.  the old lady and i were chatting the other day about how we get into less shenanigans these days, and i think it's mostly due to her work schedule (pesky adulting) and the bean's endless extracurriculars.  i mean, it's cool and all, but it definitely leaves me with a shortage of fun crap to share.

this week has been a little off with the bean on a month-long break from cheer practice.  it's just weird when we're not rushing to get from her math program to cheer and then rushing back home to have dinner and get ready for bed.  it's actually kind of nice, less hectic, a little less driving back and forth for me.  but we can't get used to it, because it'll go by fast and then we'll be right back to the grind again.

on monday the old lady and i went on a target run and giggled at these shirts that i might have to recreate for st. patrick's day:

and i tried a new recipe for honey sesame chicken that we enjoyed with white rice and roasted asparagus.  broccoli probably would've been a better choice, but i didn't have any, so there.

we got to indulge in our monday night ritual of "the bachelor," face masks and wine.  i'm not sharing another face mask photo though.  you're welcome.

and thanks to our trip to eataly the day before, the hub assembled a lovely charcuterie plate for us to enjoy too:

and i finally got to make my first batch of thai coconut mango sticky rice, also in the IP.  the old lady had never tried it before and i was really pleased with how it turned out.  i'll be making it again because she really liked it, yay!

one of the pattern makers i like is hosting a spring capsule contest.  basically, you create nine pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched together using only their patterns and post a picture of all of your creations - by themselves, modeled, paired up into outfits, what have you.  there are fun prizes to be won, and they choose a winner at the end of the contest period.  i missed out on this last year and vowed to go for it next time, so i sat down yesterday and made a list of the pieces i want to sew up:

all i have to do now is choose fabrics.  i have an insane fabric stash right now, so i'm hoping to clear a bunch of it out with this project.  i literally have stacks of fabric in about four different places in the house and the hub is ready to kill me.  eek.

i did also finally suck it up and tried a pattern for something i hadn't done before - a zip-up hoodie.  i have an irrational fear of zippers even though i've worked with them before, and this time it was a little different because it required a separating zipper.  i decided to make it for the bean using a panel of fabric i'd been saving for just the right project, and i knew she'd love it because it combines two of her greatest loves:  pusheen and disney.  i decided to fully line the jacket and add inseam pockets and thumbhole cuffs because i'm just crazy like that, and while my zipper ended up being a couple of inches too short, she was pretty stinking stoked when she tried it on.  this is before adding the cuffs:

it seems to be pretty warm and cozy, which will be perfect for her to take to a road trip we've got coming up for spring break.  i've got some other super soft fabric i've been saving for a zip-up jacket for myself, so i'm excited to cut into it and get it going.

wish me luck.  i hope it turns out like i'm hoping it will!


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