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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

cheers to 8 years

the salon where the old lady works recently celebrated their 8th anniversary and put together some fun weekend events for their clients and a guest to attend.

one weekend they had a wine & canvas party, another weekend was a meditation class...you get it.  the one that the bean and i decided to sign up for was the last one, which also happened to be the best one - afternoon tea served by the owner and staff.  heh.

we arrived a little early, partly to deliver cookies for the event and also to see if we could help out with the setup.  of course, by the time we got there they were almost ready to start receiving their guests.  the room was all dressed up, and it was super cute:

the bean and i chose a cute little table set for two, and each table had a little tiered serving set that offered lots of afternoon tea treats.  there were freshly baked scones with vanilla cream and homemade lemon curd, plus cake pops and my little cookies.

while we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive, the bean did some doodling.  she drew this of her and molly:

and her sister with stevie.

the old lady and her co-workers got started on serving tea and sandwiches:

we played a couple of rounds of "lash me" bingo.  everyone cracked up when the bean won the first game scoring a sweet gift pack filled with with cosmetics and skincare products.  she didn't even care what the prize was, she was just stoked to win.

i decided to try some lemon curd on one of my cookies, which earned this look of disapproval from the bean.

and then she drew a picture for the old lady's boss to add to her collection in her office.

it was a lovely afternoon, with a pretty good turnout and delicious food that had all been either donated by clients or homemade by the boss.  we helped clean up at the end, and then rolled ourselves home stuffed full of treats.

not a bad way to spend a sunday afternoon.

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