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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

easy like sunday morning

so because i'd gotten so much damn sleep the night before, i found myself wide awake at 6:45 on sunday morning.  this also happened to be around the time the hub finally rolled in from playing poker all night long.  at least one of us was a vegas party animal.

after he got a few hours of sleep, we got ourselves packed up and checked out of our room.  we dropped off our luggage down at the bell desk and headed back over to the cosmopolitan for a second shot at trying to score some breakfast at eggslut.  again, it was super crowded with a long line but this time the hub decided to wait in it while i headed down to starbucks to get us our caffeine fix.

the line moved fairly quickly though, and by the time i got back upstairs with the coffee he was already ordering our food.  we even managed to score one of the fun tables with the egg-shaped chairs.

it was an "alice in wonderland"-themed area, so we had this leering down at us from the ceiling.

our sandwiches were tasty, although i have to say...nothing special.  what am i missing here?  did we order the wrong thing?  they were just basic breakfast sandwiches with a long ass line.  i thought maybe because it's a fairly inexpensive grab-and-go thing, but every time i've been near an eggslut there's always a ridiculously long line.  i don't get it.

as we walked back to the aria to grab our bags and catch a ride to the airport, i tried again (in vain) to talk the hub into doing some form of this giant waterfall in the back yard.

back at the airport for our quick flight home.

the hub had coughed up the cash to get us seated in the emergency row again, which makes for a fairly comfy flight with all this extra legroom.

bye, las vegas!  thanks for another fun weekend!  see ya again in may!

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