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Friday, March 22, 2019

on a totally different planet

you know what's fascinating as hell?  visiting a dispensary in vegas.  oh yes.

we'd seen lots of ads all over the place for several different places, but we heard the most buzz about a newish place called planet 13.  and after doing some shopping while the hub spent some quality time at one of his favorite cigar lounges, we decided to hop into a cab and head over there to check it out.

when you walk inside, the first stop is the front desk where staffers check your ID and hand you a ticket that you then insert into a turnstile that allows you into the main store.  i took this on our way out, so this is actually the opposite view from the front door, but you get it.

it was so interesting just looking around at all the people in there.  folks of all ages (well, over 18 anyway) were milling about, browsing all of the wares displayed in glass cases.  there was all sorts of stuff in there, things i'd only ever heard about but never actually seen in person.  i had no idea that there were so many different edible items available.

there were lots and lots of different varieties of marijuana to choose from.

and a bunch of different vaping accessories, both disposable and refillable.  there was a really pretty rose gold one that caught my eye, because i'm a basic bitch like that (i didn't actually buy one, in case you were wondering).

with so much stuff to look at, we decided to ask for help.

and then we headed outside to catch a cab to take us back to the aria.  bye, planet 13!  thanks for the education!

and so that's how i ended up spending our last night in vegas for our date weekend getaway passed out cold in our room.  i was so drowsy that i slept right through dinner, missed out on gambling, cocktails, clubbing (hahaha, i don't club).  damn.  after i sent him off with a limp wave, the hub managed to rally and got himself up to hit the poker tables and grab some grub in one of the hotel's restaurants.

i guess it ended up being okay that i didn't have anything left to wear anyway.  ha!

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