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Monday, March 4, 2019

another sad goodbye

i just can't believe that luke perry is gone.

while i only got to spend a few fan-tastic minutes with him what seems like forever ago, i'd read countless articles over the years about how humble and kind he was.  and when i met him, those qualities definitely came through as he dealt with my intense fangirling with grace and humor.  if you never got to read my post about that glorious day, it's right here.

just 52 years old, with a role on a popular tv show, apparently still friendly with his ex-wife with whom he shared two children and leaving behind a fiancee and countless friends and fans,  it's just devastating that the world is now without luke perry in it.  my heart is just broken.

rest well, luke perry.  thanks for giving us all some wonderful memories and leaving us with dylan mckay to swoon over forever.

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