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Friday, March 29, 2019

recapping random fun

since we got home from vegas we've done all sorts of fun stuff.  one morning, i got to have fun mimosa brunch with a few of my mom friends from school.

later that afternoon, the bean and i went to the local bowling alley with the old lady and her special friend for some friday fun.  i'd forgotten how much fun bowling is, and it's a pretty inexpensive activity that everyone enjoys.  well...everyone but the hub, who opted to stay home and hang out in the back yard while he got some work done.  i guess it was easier for him to crank some stuff out with us out of the house, too.

on st. patrick's day, we headed out to south pasadena to have some brunch at the raymond.  we were shown into the bar area to wait for our table to be ready, where the bartender talked us all into having one of their irish coffees.  okay, it didn't take much convincing, but his enthusiastic description of the fresh coffee with irish whiskey and housemade irish cream sold us pretty hard.

we shared one of their homemade cinnamon rolls:

and a dutch baby pancake, because it sounded so good.

i had the italian baked eggs, which was super delicious with prosciutto, potatoes and mushrooms baked with tomato and parmesan cheese.  talk about morning comfort food.

and when the irish coffee was all gone, i ordered up a bloody mary which turned out to be so spicy i ended up with heartburn not too much later.  such an old lady.

we capped off the day by firing up the spa for the first time in months.  it was a beautiful, warm day and soaking in the water with the jets on high was wonderfully relaxing.  stevie would come over and check on us from time to time before scampering off to play with the bean, who'd oddly decided not to join us in the water.

then we were invited to a surprise party for our friend's 50th birthday, and i was asked to make some cookies to add to the sweets table:

and they went perfectly with the rest of the goodies in the candy buffet.  there was a jar of gumballs marked "50 blows," lollipops for "50 sucks," hershey's kisses that said "50 can kiss it."  you get it.

there was a fun backdrop for taking pictures:

and still, this was the only picture i got with the hub.

the bean was having such a good time with her friends that i never even got a single picture with her at all.  oh well.

the hub's 40th birthday is next week, and we're going to spend the whole weekend celebrating.  this should be good.  just wait.

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